Russ Carson

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Russ Carson - Last Chance


Russ Carson - Last Chance


1 I Feel The Blues Movin' In. 2 Methodist Preacher. 3 You Can Take Your Time. 4 Sullivan County. 5 Goodbye Liza Jane. 6  Sake Of Love. 7  Liberty Off The Corn Liquor Still / Devil In The Wood Pile. 8 Shenandoah Breakdown. 9  One Tear. 10 Runaround. 11  Blue. 12  Last Chance. 13  Redwood Hill.  14 Squirrel Hunters. 

" Listening to this Russ Carson recording should put the concerns of those who worry about the future of bluegrass music to rest. The music is literally in good hands! "  Greg Cahill

" Carson's great taste and restraint on this project goes a long way, highlighting his abilities, which are substantial. To miss this project is to miss one of the best banjo CD's of the year " 2011 Bluegrass Unlimited

One thing comes through loud and clear while listening to this new album -- they are having fun! You can hear it. You can feel it. Too many bands sound just too mechanical and that is not to be found here. Here are a group of artists enjoying what they're doing and they do it extremely well. It shows. "  Cybergrass

" This project has "Home Run" written all over it!! From the start of "I Feel The Blues Movin' In" until the last note of "Squirrel Hunters", Russ Carson & his band mates take us through almost 43 
min. of hard driving bluegrass music. This project is a sure fire winner, and will get played until it wears out! "  Al Shusterman KCBL Radio



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This is not a banjo CD, this is a bluegrass CD!! The project has a stellar ALL STAR cast including the talents of - Michael Cleveland, Marshall Willborn, Patrick McAvinue, Jake Stargel, Dominick Leslie making up the band. With the help of Brandon Rickman, Jeff Parker, Marshall Wilborn and Tori, Jocey & Shelby Gold on vocals. 

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